Annuvin Studio

In the Annuvin-Studio the Band has its rehearsals and recordings. It´s equipment is based as well on modern digital recording software as on vintage synths and studio hardware. This equipment has been collected in the past 30 years…
Based on two computers there is an old version of Cubase VST and a newer Cubase 10 with hard- and software for 56 channel digital recording
A 32 channel mixing console, several modern and vintage keyboards and synths
Workstation for songwriting and recording
A part of Ingo´s guitar-collection… all lefthand.
Some more lefties…
6-sting and 12-string acoustic guitars
Roland Alpha Juno 2 (anologue synth), Yamaha Cs1x (digital performance synth) and Yamaha MOXF8 (modern synth with piano-feeling)
Korg Triton pro
The Peavey 32 Ch. analogue mixing desk
Old synths from the nineties: Kawai K4R, Roland JV-880, Korg 01R/W and Alesis S4 plus
Sample-legend EMU Emulator IV X and Yamaha Motif-Rack
Two Yamaha RM-50 for the drum-punch, a Korg X3 and the Vintage-Sampler Korg DSM-1
The TASCAM DAT-Tape deck, CD-player, amp and cassette deck. Some effects above…
Multi-effects, mixers and patchbays… audio and MIDI
Two of the three live-racks with Line-6 POD XT guitar effects, wireless microphone and In-Ear-Monitoring
Alesis HD24 for Live-Drums and Semi-Playback live
Effectrack for PA Amplification